After almost 2 weeks of watching the movie Ravanan (Tamil version), when I recall, the only thing I remember is the deep passionate look Vikram aka Ravanan gives to Aishwarya aka Sita while being shot to death. This ensures me once again that the only deciding moment in our life is not of the glorious victory, but of the moment of chosing the path of passion, love and ethics. That is what remains in our memory, that is what history consists of.

Its not the goddamn Ram who doesn’t trust his wife and throws her out of his life so easily, its the tragic Ravan, who falls in love with the damsel in distress, falls in for her couragaous vulnerability, for her dedication to her husband and still protects her from himself, who stands apart as the real hero.

Ultimately its neither the power, nor the glory of Ram, the love, zest and ethics of Ravan which triumphs in his death!!!!