Mutton Rezala

Staying away from Kolkata has one main disadvantage : you miss the food, man! All kind of Mughlai and biriyani! Ah, heavenly. As one of my cousins put it “Which crackhead says the main contribution of Islam in India is sufism and music. It’s food, no doubt. How can someone can think about living without biriyani and dum meat preparation?”  In Central Kolkata, there’s a very famous restaurant named “Shiraz”, Mutton Rezala is one of their famous dishes. When we were in college, we used to share a plate within two or three. But, can still feel that heavenly taste! I tried something at home, obviously, it cannot be like Shiraz’s, but not very bad as well. Instead of mutton, you can use chicken or potato as well.

Mutton washed and clean = 500g, Onion paste = 300g, curd = 300g, salt = 2 tsp, bay leaves = 2/3 piece, White pepper = 1 tsp, sugar = 1 tsp, whole dried red chili = 3 pieces, Cardamom = 4pcs, clove = 5pcs, Ghee = 4 /5 tsp, Garlic ginger paste = 1tsp, rose water = 1 tsp.

Procedure: Make a paste of onion and curd mixture, Pour meat, Pepper powder, salt, half of whole garam masala, garlic ginger paste and marinate for 1/2 hrs.

In a heavy bottomed container pour the mixture and slow cook with lid on till meat is tender.

I a separate container add ghee, remaining garam masala, bay leaves and whole red chili and heat till the aroma comes out. Add the pre heated mutton into it and add 1tsp sugar and add 1 tsp rose water and bring it to boil with lid on for another 5 minutes.

P.S. The preparation should be thin rather than thick one. Though there are enough water in meat, curd and onion paste but if required little warm water may be added at the first stage of tendering the meat. As Indian lamb or goat meat takes more time to cook. But for chicken or aloo rezala no need to add extra water.

Enjoyyyyy……wish a very happy and foody weekend.